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Journal Your Way to Well-Being

Updated: Jan 24

Ever since I could remember, I have loved writing. I have done a variety of writing styles over the years that have included poems, short stories, magazine articles, newsletters, news releases, blogs, and more. I also love reading. In fact, I am a voracious reader. It started when I was a child when my mother would take me to the library often to pick out lots of books that I couldn't wait to take home and mentally devour. I would literally get lost in the stories these books told. I have always had a big imagination and reading fed into the ability of my mind to take me to far off places and explore other worlds.

Most recently, I have picked up the practice of journal writing. I love journaling because it's what I consider a "freestyle" way of writing. There is no self-editing, because what you write in your own journal is supposed to be for your eyes only...sort of like a diary. I received my first diary on my 13th birthday. I absolutely loved writing in my little pink diary almost daily. It had a real lock and key. I actually still have that diary. When I came across the diary a few months ago, I read my entries and was amused at some of the ramblings of a young teenaged mind. How naïve and how cute my writing was. I should of had an inkling then of what was to come in terms of my career path.

When I write professionally, I write with an intended audience in mind. The prose and style must be done in a certain way as to educate and inform the reader. Of course, when it comes to journaling, that is not the case. It's all about you. Journaling is a personal experience. You get to write whatever you want in a journal because you are the intended audience. There are excellent benefits to doing this. Studies show that journaling can improve your mental and physical health.

The Journal of Medical Internet Research published a 2018 study indicating that patients who struggled with chronic illnesses and who also journaled about their thoughts and feelings reported experiencing fewer physical symptoms as opposed to patients who did not journal. It appears that journaling can be cathartic and help to improve a person's sense of well-being. Let's take a quick look at the Top 5 benefits of journaling:

  • Provides mental clarity and focus

  • Encourages personal growth

  • Keep track of your overall development

  • Sort through mental clutter to achieve your personal goals

  • Improve insight and understanding

Recently, I created and published several journals that are currently available on Amazon. Inside these journals are100-pages of college-ruled lines for the user to write whatever is on his/her mind. These journals are my way of creating products that I could use myself.

I designed the covers of these journals based on some of my own interests such as traveling, a celebration of the holidays, favorite quotes/sayings, and more. I have even created a couple of special Wine Journals (I enjoy a good vino!) that are a great way to capture the tastes, smells, and aromas of wines. Each journal includes a Ratings Section, Color Meter, and Flavor Wheel to record even more detail of the user's wine experiences.

If you purchase any one of my journals, kindly leave a review on Amazon and also drop me an email at to let me know what you think about your journal.

Cheers to Journaling in 2021!


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